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BZQUE is dedicated to serving all of your BBQ catering needs.  Our mission is to bring California an authentic craft barbeQue experience.  BZQUE is heavily influenced by the beef traditions of Central Texas but we bring a plethora of barbeQue styles to California.  Our approach is to blend different traditions, techniques and flavors to create a unique style of craft barbeQue.  We look forward to delighting you to your first BZQUE experience.

Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue & Mike Henry of BZQUE.

The Food


Good food not only nourishes the body but feeds one’s soul.  BZQUE meals provide an experience that blends traditions and flavors, offering a unique experience of craft barbecue.

The Service


Our goal is to not only provide you with meals that delight your senses but to provide you with exemplary service.  Customers are first! It is with great care we take in every step of the BZQUE process that YOU our customer is satisfied.



His full name is Arthur Fonzarelli but we affectionately call him...”The FONZ”.  Born and raised in Texas, “The FONZ” is where the magic happens and produces the goodness that is called the BZQUE Experience.  Created by Lonestar Grillz, “The FONZ” is an integral part of the BZQUE family.  Check out Birth of "THE FONZ".

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